The reviews for Aftermath Lounge are beginning to pour in. People love this book!


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From the Montgomery Advisor:

There is a rash of new Katrina books coming out in time for its 10th anniversary in August. If you read only one, it should be Margaret McMullan’s “Aftermath Lounge.” A novel told in 10 short stories, it manages to make you laugh and weep, and see what happened to people and places when the reporters and camera crews went away. There were casualties nobody counted.

—Rheta Grimsley Johnson


From a reader:


I loved this book. Having wintered 5 years in Biloxi prior to Katrina, this brought back loads of memories. I used to walk the boardwalk from Beauvoir to the Gulfport Grand and back every day then a couple of years later watching an aerial video of the whole coastline in the days following the storm and it was sickening to see the somber ruin. Ms. McMullan is spot-on with her characters. All walks of life have their own problems from the desperately down-and-outers to the wealthy and how they coped and in some cases fell victims of the storm. I felt as though I was right there watching these interlocking stories unfold. A wonderful book!

—Mary Hughes, Librarian


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