Poet, translator, and Calypso Editions founding member, Martin Woodside has recently been published by Kenyon Review‘s digital offspring, the KROnline, in a wonderful display of translation as collaboration. The project consists of poets and translators blindly translating and re-translating David Baker’s poem “Hunger” into Romanian and into English.

In the introduction to the chapbook, which originally appeared in a limited edition from Aureole Press, David Baker writes:

“These fourteen poems trace a story themselves, a story of poetic invention and correspondence. It’s fascinating to follow the versions. Some show daring steps of originality while others maintain surprising fidelities to meaning. There are adjustments to the central metaphors, there are literal miscues or misapprehensions, there are flashes of personality in the voice and tone and musical preference—the “ear,” as musicians call it.”

Please visit Kenyon Review to read the poems and learn more about the poets and translators involved!