Rutgers University praises translator Martin Woodside

“Love may be a language in itself, but learning your wife’s native language, living in her homeland, and then compiling and translating an anthology of the nation’s finest poems for publication must constitute devotion on a whole new level.” Read the full review.

From Taylor of Why So Red?
“The book is an excellent collection of poems that pulls from Romania’s history, but playfully pushes both the subject and style forward.  Martin Woodside has done a superb job at collecting poems that bring this home for both the curious newcomer and the loving veteran.  These poems opened my eyes to new styles of poetry and the breadth of subjects that can be artfully written about. “

From The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Dan Comon

” I admit to full ignorance when it comes to Romanian poetry. I sense that I am not alone in this poetic deficit — at least among North American poets. However, I am looking forward to the anthology…This is a press to not only to rejoice in, but also to support. Why not be the first on the block with a copy of a Calypso Editions book on your shelf. Call me easily pleased, but I am hoping I’m the first one introducing you to these beautiful poems. Enjoy! ” Read Dan’s post.