Thanks to Mel of The Reading Life for his Feb. 4 review of our new translation of Tolstoy’s How Much Land Does a Man Need. Here’s a few highlights from the review:

When I read the mission statement of Calypso Publishing I was reminded somehow of Virginia and Leonard Woolf working at Hogarth Press, producing books notable not only for their content but books that are works of art themselves. …

In a fable the characters represent types or are used to teach a moral lesson.    This is what Tolstoy does in “How Much Land Does a Man Need” but he brings the characters to life.  I felt I was walking the land and enjoying the company of  tribal peoples while feeling concern for what was going to happen to our lead character.    Unlike in a simple Fable, the characters are real people with great details that make us feel we know them.  James Joyce  said it was “the greatest story that the literature of the world knows”.  I really felt like I was there.   As we are meant to, I wondered what I would do were I the main character of this story.

Read Mel’s review here.