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Calypso is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Donations to Calypso Editions are tax deductible. All donations and proceeds from our books are funneled back into the operation costs of our small press.

Read below for some of the ways you can help support our mission to publish emerging authors from around the globe.

Help Calypso Give Voice to the Unheard


Want to help out but not sure where to start? Here are some suggested donations that address our core operations, and our most pressing needs.


Become a Calypso Ally: $5 or more
All contributions amounts are welcome. For contributions of $5 or more, you can become an official Calypso ally, with recognition on our donors page on our website. You can also rest assured knowing you are supporting an organization committed to bringing international voices to an English-speaking audience via books that endure in both content and form.


Fund a book:  $50 or more

Donors who give at this level may note which of our upcoming titles you wish to support. All donors who specify a given title will have their names listed in their selected book, and will also receive recognition on the donors page of our website. We pore over the smallest details of our books when it comes to cover art, text layout, production, and printing. We work hard to produce physical objects that match the quality of the writing within the covers of our books, and contributions at this level will help sustain our production efforts.
Fund an author: $500 or more
Our authors often live abroad. We endeavor to bring our authors to the US after their books are released. This entails traveling coast to coast to give readings, appearing at book festivals, and presenting at other various events. Donors who give at this level will receive 5 Calypso titles free, and will also receive special recognition on the donors page of our website.

Fund a school library:  $1000 or more
Across the country, the shelves of so many school libraries are barren. We at Calypso are committed to making our books available to everyone, including students and those who may not be able to afford them. Due to the fact that many of our books are bilingual editions, these lend themselves very well to those who seek to study translation, poetry, fiction, and the act of making literature. Donors who give at this level will receive 10 Calypso titles free, and will also receive special recognition on the donors page of our website.


Other Monetary Donations

We also welcome any and all donations via check. Checks may be made out to Calypso Editions and sent to one of our satellite offices. Email us at for the mailing address.

Got miles?

As a national press, we aim to hold readings across the country and would benefit greatly from donated airline miles to assist our authors on these travels.

Write for us

Monetary donation isn’t the only way to contribute to Calypso Editions. We’re looking for guest writers to contribute to our website. If you’d like to join forces with us and be a guest writer, drop us a line via email.

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