"Speak, Immortal One, And tell the tale once more in our time."

—Opening lines of The Odyssey, translated by Stanley Lombardo (2000)

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Speak, My Tongue

by Carrie Meadows

Poetry · English · Contemporary

Acclaim for Speak, My Tongue

“Between the ideas of “Why I Go to Church” and “Leaving the Church” is a “God Sent the [shot] Gun” shattering of spiritual paint and paint cans. Meadows wanders with and without aim into the lives of the self-taught artists and teaches each of us, carefully, like a Southern quilt-maker, grandmother teaching quilt-stitches to sing. So go find your favorite Southern front porch rocking chair, a glass of sweet Southern ice tea, and listen. Speak, my Tongue is a song.”  

Earl Edward S. Braggs


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