"Speak, Immortal One, And tell the tale once more in our time."

—Opening lines of The Odyssey, translated by Stanley Lombardo (2000)

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Moods & Women & Men & Once Again Moods: An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Erotic Poetry

Poetry · English · Translation · edited by Ruxandra Cesereanu

Acclaim for Moods

What emerges here is a phantasmagoric, often magical erotica, a surrealism of the body & the mind that directs it, as conveyed by a generation of poets experiencing the possibility of a newly opened poetics of liberation. The resultant work is a revelation of what poetry can do when unleashed, in its most radical forms, to imagine & to reflect the fullest panoply of human needs & desires. As it comes to us here in America, it is also a great pleasure to read & to absorb, from cover to cover.”

Jerome Rothenberg


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